Asset managers since 1998

We believe in the singularity of each person and therefore understand that there is no secret sauce when it comes to individual asset allocation.

This is why we aim to consistently offer top-notch investment strategies which provide both financial security and transparent value creation opportunities.

The vision and story behind our company

PRIMUS Gestione Patrimoniale SA (PRIMUS) is a Swiss-based independent asset management company offering financial consultancy and investment management services. Established in 1998, PRIMUS was founded by a group of industry professionals with extensive experience in private banking, asset management and trading. This eclectic mix of expertise allows us to cover any specific areas within the financial market to best support all our clients with the fullest and widest range of financial services possible.

Our team

Financial security

Our clients' assets are kept safe in first class banking institutions and managed by our team with special attention to diversification and risk management. Our preferred approach is often conservative and focused on developing personalized investment strategies in full agreement with the clients.


As an independent financial intermediary, PRIMUS does not promote any particular product by third parties. We carefully select only the best financial instruments available in the market to match every client's risk tolerance and other preferences with a unique and dedicated portfolio.


We foster long-term collaborations with our clients, which imply regular and precise updates on the performance of each asset under management. We hold regular discussions with our counterparts on the chosen investment strategy and discuss any possible room for improvement.

Family office related services

We offer our clients through the support of external partners and selected providers, a multitude of additional services that integrate in your overall family and wealth management strategies. We include services such as conciergerie, relocation management and administrative support.

What we do

Our mission

We create all our asset management strategies with one purpose in mind: generating long-term returns in selected markets regardless of the current market cycle by leveraging low correlation to traditional investment classes and actively dynamic management to minimize volatility.

Our vision

We believe in the individuality of every person, each with own personal quirky needs, lofty aspirations and of course, big dreams. This is why we aim to consistently offer a top-notch service that is not just professional and competent, but also very transparent.

An investment strategy breakdown that meets your individual needs.


Owning stocks can maximize income from your investments and are bought and sold based on expectations of corporate earnings. Stock market volatility makes them a risky short-term investment yet generally rewarding over long periods of time.


Generally less volatile than stocks, bonds offer more modest returns depending on the chosen bond type. Depending on their maturity, coupon rate, tax status and callability, certain bond categories allow for higher risk and return compared to others.


Cash and cash equivalents - such as savings deposits, treasury bills, money market deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and money market funds - are the safest investments and provide low returns. The principal risk taken by the investor is related to the inflation.

Alternative investments

These financial assets do not fall into the previously mentioned conventional investment categories and include private equity or VC, hedge funds, managed futures, art and antiques, commodities, real estate, derivatives contracts and cryptocurrencies.


Foreign Exchange is the trading of one currency for another and is the largest, most liquid market at a global level. FX trading has no centralized location, utilizes currency pairs priced in terms of one versus the other and its main markets are spot, forward and futures.

We work with

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