The power of the individual

At PRIMUS we strongly believe that each member of the team can bring value to any relation. Together, we can define the best solution that fits your needs.

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Discretionary mandate

For managed accounts, a discretionary mandate is a mandate that grants us, PRIMUS Gestione Patrimoniale SA, the full power to manage assets on behalf of our clients, in line with the conferred mandate and the risk profile drawn up.

Through this discretionary mandate, clients effectively delegate the daily decisions of their investments to PRIMUS Gestione Patrimoniale SA, which has a limited power of attorney. In other words, we can only manage the client's assets but has no power whatsoever to transfer any funds or stocks or to perform any wire transfers in this regard.

After a thorough and complete analysis of the client's financial situation and background, which often includes the preparation of the client's risk profile as well as each personal and financial preferences, PRIMUS would execute a stock's portfolio that is consistent and true to the client's expectations, both in terms of expected returns and also risk tolerance.

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In Switzerland, PRIMUS Gestione Patrimoniale SA is affiliated with the AOOS self-regulatory body, a Swiss supervisory corporation under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (LRD). AOOS is a Swiss Supervisory Limited Company that obtained authorization as a supervisory body (OV) under the Financial Market Supervision Act (LFINMA). It was created by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (ASG), the national industry association. The ASG is the sole shareholder of AOOS.

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    Written preparation of an asset management contract

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    The obligation to maintain independence

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    The obligation to prevent any conflicts of interest

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    The obligation of loyalty, accuracy and information

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    Reporting obligations, according to the field's principles

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    Annual audit revisions to ensure full compliance with these duties

Exceeding expectations through a tested method.

Our investment strategy

We build compelling investment solutions from the ground up that best reflect each individual client's specific case and objectives.


Define investment objectives

Modelling a portfolio hinged on the client's aspirations and investment expectations is the first crucial step when constructing a portfolio. At PRIMUS, we asses the client situation from their current conditions, family, professional and hereditary circumstances. Based on this overview, we'll set the objectives and expectations of the potential investment.


Gauge the risk-tolerance

Understanding the client's risk-tolerance starts by asking basic questions such as monthly income & expenditure and other types of commitment they may have. At this stage it's critical to measure both risk-tolerance and risk-acceptance to define whether the client might be able to stomach an aggressive portfolio that is highly tilted towards riskier assets or not.


Timeline and liquidity needs

There constraints are the levers shifting the gears of the portfolio that will ultimately determine the client's capacity to invest and by how much. Depending on the client's profile, the investor should determine whether longer-dated instruments or riskier asset classes that show returns at a later stage might be suitable and the correct amount to invest.


Asset classes understanding

Even though equities, fixed-income and cash are the 3 broad building blocks of a portfolio, there are also other types of asset asset classes such as for example commodities, REITs or even alternative investments like private equity, derivative contracts, futures and cryptocurrencies. Our team will take the time to explain each product structure and payout.


Portfolio construction

Underpinning all previous considerations in the asset allocation process is the principle of diversification, which strives to minimise risk by investing in a whole variety yet carefully selected types of asset classes that have no or low correlation. This approach maintains sufficient exposure to capture market growth whilst protecting against losses.


Core and tactical holdings

While maintaining the client's core holdings in the diversified portfolio for stability, the investor will have the chance to allocate the remaining part of the investment to a tactical holding that allows for scoping out opportunities in the market and potentially amplify gains in the portfolio. All tactical holdings have to be managed on an active basis.

Asset allocation strategies that work

All of our asset management strategies are designed with one single goal: providing the best returns over the long-term, within a market with controlled volatility and a low correlation to traditional investment classes.

With active and dynamic management, we aim to obtain satisfactory results, regardless of the market cycle in which we find ourselves in. Nullam in convallis ipsum, commodo placerat enim.

Generating value in any market condition

We believe in the singularity of each person and therefore understand that there is no secret sauce when it comes to individual asset allocation. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam in convallis ipsum, commodo placerat enim.

This is why we aim to consistently offer top-notch investment strategies which provide both financial security and transparent value creation opportunities.

Driven by results

We preserve capital through diversification and active asset management whilst being ready for any unexpected bear market.

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Priority to regularity

The key to generating a superior long-term performance is the regularity of results for each investment strategy. Quality management is above all, a prudent management approach; one that not only aims for capital appreciation but, above all, limits any potential decline. In addition to being more reassuring for the investors, this strategy has also proven to be more profitable in the long run, not to mention the resulting multiplier effects inherent in each investment strategy.

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Risk of decline mitigation

As far as asset management is concerned, losses are always difficult to recover. This is why the ability to limit risks is as important as the ability to generate high performance. We develop strategies for mitigating market volatility by defining the scope and purpose of each portfolio and investment, leveraging bonds to mitigate the risk of economic downturns and passive investing like ETF's which don't bet on beating the market, opting instead to take the returns they provide.

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Investment diversification

One of our central principles of reducing risk is the judicious diversification of investments into different "asset classes". This asset allocation strategy results in an optimal weighted portfolio that avoids over-concentrating into specific asset categories. This rule allows us to minimize the exposure to any specific issue, as well as avoid a cascading effect, which is all too frequent when investments are excessively correlated with each other.

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Value creation by active management

Active asset management requires a solid understanding of macroeconomics and sound qualitative analysis to generate additional value. As 80% of a portfolio's performance is derived from asset allocation, i.e. identifying under and overvalues stocks, any past experience gained within a widely diversified market condition will allow us to remain focused and make decisions on the task at hand more quickly and easily.

We measure success with absolute performance

Return on investment

Our goal is to exceed any customer's expectations, measuring our common return on investment in absolute returns rather than being tied to a benchmark.


We aim to provide reliable and confidential services and reports whilst managing different regulations and anticipating any changed within this highly dynamic financial market.

Ongoing risk assessment

To guarantee the financial future of our clients, we pay close attention to details whilst remaining vigilant and attentive to any current developments as well as future related trends.